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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Julia Stone in Postbahnhof

A friend invited me to Julia Stone´s gig in Berlin last Thursday.
Another friend was supposed to come and when asking me what I thought of the concert, she received my email with the following reply, which may sound a bit harsh, though I did like the concert, a bit.

"Sparks of fine pop music condensed in a landscape of cheesy songs, with the structure of music lesson-week 2, paired with the lyrics a 12 years old with evident psychological and intellectual imbalances would write, if only she had had unfulfilling teenager sex, as apparently is the case for the poor Julia...
The lights were good.

I enjoyed it anyway, not least since our (friend) does like her a lot.
You would have liked a bit too, I guess. Too bad you did not come.

Let me only say that I sometimes believe English speaking artists are allowed to sing about the most irrelevant and superficial stuff of the world and it is fine because it does sound much better than in other language...
Lucky them
That is probably also why the real Tina Dico is such a hit in the English landscape of pop music at its best....(infinite points)...


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