A personal recount of a life within Berlin, Venice and the EU

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A personal and futile list of overrated stuff

  • Barcelona: just thanks to Mirò and the seaside there is no way you can become a world city, though yoga lovers, mozzarella exporters, shallow fashion parade monkeys, a couple of Scandinavians and horny Erasmus students love you. 
  • XX (Band): the riffs of a 13 years old guitarist with an affinity for triplets (mus) became the "song" to worship: it is so sad and depressing that it is enough. You can listen to it on Spotify, though... 
  • Lasagne: please stop eating crappy food, if not cooked by a close relative (Michelin chefs do not apply either). 
  • Pepsi: oh come on. 
  • Carmelo Anthony: you'll never get to become crucial 
  • Manu Chao: your flavor for global politics cannot hide the fact your music is boring as hell
  • Iphone: yeah, get the membership to the club of those retarded owning a phone you cannot make phone calls with (note the repetition, please) and let the US GDP grow by 0.5%. 
  • Beck (the singer): No comment
  • French design for cars: please make up your own mind by observing the shape of a Twingo or a Megane

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