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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The customer is always right...no, hold on, the App is.

Before the internet of things, aka the nerdification of my meals, you could go to a restaurant or deli, order your meal, either eat it there or take it with you; waiting as long as the others, TALKING with personnel and guests, POSSIBLY even making new friends. These days we are in the hands of those worshipping the Palo Alto nerds; going out for food is like Netscape Navigator... The consequence is that you have four to five badly paid, not insured, not enough fed bikers waiting for the delayed orders prepared by stressed workers of the above mentioned places. If you wonder why they are stressed, well it is not (only) because of their job, rather because the accolites of Uber for food delivery, the dickheads from Deliveroo and Foodora and alike, charge a fine if the food comes too late. Tonight I went to a pizzeria around the corner, nobody said hi, nobody talked to me, there were four riders waiting for four-digit orders which were all too cold to eat, when ready, even if eaten on the spot. I cooked home tonight. One perfect example of the empty, shallow, stupid meaningless idea of digital disruption when it comes to stuff like that.

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