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Thursday, September 12, 2013

An email from July 2nd Id love to see answered at some stage

(...) "I just came back from an event organized in Venice by the regional authority. It is about sharing memories about different tragedies of the recent European history, though, given the organisations involved, it turned out to be only about remembering the Shoah. Long story short there was a guy from an an org in Munich named name removed and for a moment I thought it was one of those guys you worked with. I hid this memory somewhere until I came to my office; then tried to figure out whether I knew the guy from before, which involved going through our correspondence from the days in Djermanie. Looking at it today, it seems to show that we were very close or maybe only lonely back then. Anyway a very beautiful souvenir in my inbox has been kept all these years and I rejoiced. I hope you are fine, at some point you will also update me on your whereabouts, Miss name removed, I am sure. Take care until then and enjoy summer (...)

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