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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Few thoughts on how people send in job applications (after having read ca. 200 for a senior position (sic))

Dear applicants,
Savers of the lonely,
Defenders of the poor,
Unique hopes in a world of poor management,

When applying for a position, what you should do is (it is actually very easy indeed):
- read the key qualifications requested
- read the opening in the very first place, for God's sake
- avoid bragging around with all the languages you speak for a paragraph or more (unless you apply for a god-damned interpretor job!)
- avoid sending 8-pages-long cvs with your experience in fostering coordination whatsoever
- Insert your name at the beginning of the cover letter 

What would also be very welcome(, I swear, and might actually give you an opportunity to a proper interview)is:
- use the same font for your cover letter
- write a cover letter ( at least as long as it is asked in the opening!(sic))
- put your cover letter separately from the email text (for the cv you should do the same)
- check the spelling
- stick to the deadline for submission ( if not, at least acknowledge that you are late).

Good luck (you very much need it)

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