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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A bad day

The story is simple: a Venetian guy my age gets a very bad disease and dies. That happens yesterday.
I knew him, we went to secondary school together: the thing I remember the most is a birthday party as we were 11. His mum as a sweet and wit woman, the party with a lot of stuff to eat.

So let us go back to yesterday: by chance - I thought - at once on FB a lot of traffic is taking place on his page: people saying bye, have a safe trip, I see you soon...

Today my mum tells me by phone (thanks Marconi) what actually happened....

My thoughts on this are the following:

First reaction: I found revolting that people post on the all of somebody who just died.

Second reaction: I try to believe that if they do so, it is because they are shocked...but then ask myself: whom do they do it for but themselves? The disgust comes up again.

Third thought: is there a way to tell FB that an account should not be active anymore?

Man, I am sad.......

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